Our Partners

The ByTavi line is produced under fair trade principles by a team of talented seamstresses in Cambodia, where poverty is widespread. They believe in quality over quantity and handmade over mass-produced. The production process is not hurried or pressured. It is fair and safe. Each seamstress receives a fair wage at the end of the week. ByTavi purchases remnant fabric (fabric harvested from pre-loved clothing, pieces of leftover fabric from a completed project, or portions of material too small to use for most projects) to create their line — yay sustainability! This means that quantities are limited by what is available in each fabric.                                                                                                                           
Elegantees provides hope to survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal. Seamstresses are paid based on the time they put in, not by piece-work, and earn a positive and livable source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self-image, and confidence that restores lives. Some designs are made in New York City in a factory in Queens. This allows them to have a more diverse offering of fabrics and designs that they can't pull off in Nepal. Much of the fabric is leftover from other local sewing projects. Was it ethically produced? Probably not. Was it leftover from a larger company's orders, left for waste? Yes. We love that they are making something good out of something bad.                                                                                                 
Based in Los Angeles, ÉTICA is rooted in the ideals of sustainable fashion and fair labor. Their premium denim is thoughtfully designed with eco-friendly fabrications and cutting-edge technology. A vertical organization with decades of expertise, ÉTICA is fully outfitted with industry-leading equipment and advanced technologies in clean manufacturing. Each collection exceeds fair labor and social responsibility standards throughout the supply chain. They give back through local housing and food scarcity initiatives while partnering with nonprofits committed to workers’ rights and environmental causes around the world. ÉTICA is WRAP-certified and is recognized by the UN Global Compact for clean manufacturing and fair labor practices. Their suppliers also maintain WRAP, GOTS, Cradle to Cradle or Bluesign certs.                                                                                                                                                                                             
The Good Tee was born when its founder learned of the high suicide rates among farmers in India. Even after years of working with responsible offshore manufacturers using certified organic cotton, she realized that she still had no idea who the farmers were. She was motivated to build a brand of premium quality basics that supports farmers and celebrates the makers in the fashion industry. The Good Tee is actively involved in the entire production process and manages the full supply chain, from seed to shelf. Based in Canada, they are a Certified B Corp and use only Certified Fairtrade Cotton sourced from farmers in India. They subscribe to the philosophy of slower production schedules, ethical working conditions, and fair deals for all. The Good Tee is committed to celebrating the good humans that make our clothes.
Known Supply is more than an apparel brand. It was founded on the belief that jobs change lives. It is a movement of individuals, companies, and partners who care about honoring and celebrating those who make our clothing. The more of us who share this message the louder it gets. KS apparel is Fair Trade Certified, uses sustainable materials and is signed by the makers who produced it. The majority of this collection is made using organic cotton, creating significant water savings in the production of every garment. Moreover, they utilize GOTS Certified organic cotton for nearly everything they produce.


Mata Traders is a design driven, fair trade fashion brand helping to end global poverty and inspire consumers to change the fashion industry. Made by artisans in India and Nepal, these colorfully original designs provide a stable source of income for families in economically disadvantaged communities. Mata Traders partners with several fair trade organizations in India and Nepal that train and employ hundreds of artisans in marginalized communities, with a focus on gender equality and empowering women. At the cooperatives, the garments are individually stitched in small workshops, with one seamstress creating an entire garment rather than being part of a production line. Many Mata styles are then carefully finished with hand embroidery in the women’s own homes. 

This LA based company is committed to ethical denim - minimal footprint for maximum comfort and goes to great lengths to ensure our entire supply chain is as responsible and clean as possible, from growing and harvesting organic cotton to sewing and finishing, plus all the processes in between. Oliver Logan fabrics are made from reclaimed fibers from textile waste that is sorted by type and color and re-spun to make "new" denim! And most importantly, their likeminded suppliers share the same values and won't compromise people, the planet, and quality for the end gain. Oliver Logan's sewing partners are WRAP, Bluesign, and GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified, and all factories offer paid maternity leave for employees along with other social benefits.
Paper Label uses quality materials and timeless techniques to create luxury loungewear that will endure season after season. This Vancouver-based brand is guided by three principles: design with purpose, produce responsibly, and maximize wear. Paper Label’s clothing is produced in factories that are WRAP-certified, BSCI-certified, and are regularly third party audited to ensure responsible labor practices. They focus on fabrics that are both beautiful and sustainable by considering water and pesticide usage during fiber growth, renewability of resources, energy and chemicals used during processing, disposal techniques, care requirements, fabric longevity, and biodegradability. Tencel, GOTS-certified organic cotton, and alpaca wool are some of the fabrics Paper Label uses to create quality pieces that are comfortable and versatile.
Passion Lilie is a certified fair trade fashion brand that blends classic silhouettes with handwoven ikat and playful block prints. We embrace the small imperfections that result from these traditional techniques. Passion Lilie pieces are handmade in small batches using materials that are safe for people or the planet, such as durable natural fibers, organic cotton, and nontoxic dyes, and they keep their carbon footprint as low as possible by sourcing from areas local to where they produce. They nurture economic sustainability by collaborating with partners in India who are committed to paying fair living wages, creating a safe and healthy work environment, and investing in the overall well-being of the artisans they employ. Passion Lilie also provides their artisan partners with opportunities for community and skill development.
Threads 4 Thought designs and produces apparel that has a positive impact on people and an innately smaller impact on our planet. Their factories around the world hold some of the highest certifications in the industry, ensuring safe working conditions and sustainable production processes. Their main factory recycles 80% of all its industrial water, one of the highest reuse rates in the world. And they are about to bring to market a brand new revolutionary dye technology that will dye fabrics and garments in a completely closed loop system with 95% less water and zero chemicals. T4T continually works to improve their practices and promises to be transparent about what they are doing & what they are not (yet) doing.

A family-owned business, XCVI has been developing women’s wear for 25 years. Their clothing is wearable, breathable, and movable, and designed for women who believe that style should not compromise comfort. They stay away from disposable fast fashion and trends, and are committed to creating modern, high-quality clothing, following ethical business practices. XCVI is produced in China and Los Angeles in WRAP-certified factories to ensure fair and safe working conditions, and they will only engage in business with contractors and vendors that share their commitment. They are RoHS compliant, which means the dyes they use do not contain any toxic chemicals or banned metals.

XCVI is the parent company of Wearables, a collection of easy-to-wear staples that shares the same producers and guiding principles mentioned above.