How to Be More Sustainable for Free

How to Be More Sustainable for Free

Happy Earth Day!

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We bet, if you follow lots of sustainable accounts like we do, you're seeing a lot of "Every day is Earth Day!" posts, and while we do love and honor the Earth every day, we also know it's really easy to fall into old, comfortable patterns or simply not know what the right step is. Plus, "sustainability" can feel daunting (and spendy!). So here are some of our favorite sustainable tips (that cost nothing!) ❤️

Find new ways to love what you have!

1. Before you toss out that old tee, think about repurposing it. Turn it into a cleaning rag or transform that dress into a skirt. Or simply explore new ways to style it. We learned recently of a couple of community resources for learning to mend and alter your own clothes. Check out options in your area (or, honestly, YouTube)! The possibilities are endless. #letmeupgradeu

Give your clothes away.

2. Remember the old adage, one man's trash is another man's treasure? Well, there's more than enough actual trash out there; let's not add to it with perfectly good clothes. If you've got clothes that don't quite fit your vibe anymore but are still in good shape, give them away in your local Buy Nothing group or sell them online. Or find a textile recycling center in your area (the one near us is called Helpsy, and it's amazing!)

Stick to cold water.

3. Washing clothes in cold water saves energy and helps your clothes last longer. Hot water can damage fibers and cause clothes to shrink, fade, or lose their shape. So, wash in cold water to save energy and extend the life of your clothes.

Hang it out to dry.

4. Ditch the dryer and hang your clothes instead. (We actually really recommend this for most of our pieces anyway!) Dryers use a lot of energy and can also shrink or damage clothes. Air-drying on a rack or clothesline not only saves energy but also extends the life of your clothes. (We get it. Sometimes you need that *snap back* but not every time.)

Do a clothing swap.

5. Undoubtedly, you've complimented a friend on an outfit only for her to say "Omg I've had this thing forever...." Have you ever thought about trading some of your well loved (or even unloved) things with your pals? Not only is it a great excuse for a girls night, it will also give new life to your clothes.

And when all else fails, we gotchu.


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